ministryChanging lives “One by One” has become the mantra of my wife, Victoria, and I. We agree with Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men do nothing” and that for us is unacceptable.  Recognizing that many children and youth do not have the same advantages as others, we are committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus to as many as possible in a personal and tangible way.  Hands on, one at a time, meeting physical as well as spiritual needs, on a daily basis is not what we do, it is who we are.

And so Faith Youth Initiative (F.Y.I.) was birthed.

As God unfolded His plan before us concerning the youth of our community, my wife and I came to realize that it was not a phrase but a “calling”. From a small church in China Grove to a full-fledged outreach in Faith,  we  have seen the transforming power of God at work in the lives of these young people.  Over the past 7 years we have gone from Sunday morning meetings in the park to alternating services between Faith Lutheran and Faith Baptist Church. We have held tutoring sessions at both churches. More recently we have met at Mt Hope Church and are now meeting at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.  Our numbers have steadily grown from 9 to as many as 64  at our “Friday Nite Live” program at Faith Lutheran gym.  This program culminated with over 100 of our youth and parents gathering in the park for a live band and hotdog supper. We were able to provide for 63 youth the necessary clothing, shoes and backpacks for their return to school this fall (2016) and we currently have 35 signed up for our tutoring program.


We feel it is important that F.Y.I. share the love and grace of Jesus that they have come to know in their own lives. Their outreach team is known as “Kings Kids”.

To date we have presented our program in a number of churches: Independent, Methodist, Lutheran, and Reformed alike. They have gone into nursing homes, retirement centers, and the North Carolina Veterans Home. God continues to validate His Word through their lives by their testimony and witness. 


ministry2Because of circumstances beyond their control, they find themselves in trying and difficult situations. Often feeling “left behind” socially and economically, they make choices that could dramatically alter their success in life. By seeking to alleviate their immediate needs by “showing” the love of Jesus we are then positioned to “teach” that love through the message of God’s grace.  Our ministry is involved in missions’ initiatives that seek to give children and youth hope and a chance at a better future and to making the grace and love of Jesus real in their lives. 

“My ministry is to spread the Gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the community and to bring children and youth to a saving knowledge of and personal experience with Him.”
——-Brent Lane——-